Client Engagement Policy

At Ramos Real Estate, we strive to provide our clients with professional real estate brokerage services. As part of our commitment to transparency and ethical practices, we have established the following policy to outline our responsibilities and limitations as brokers, as well as the expectations we have of our clients.


1. Advisory Role:

Ramos Real Estate’s primary role is to provide advisory services to clients in their real estate transactions. We aim to offer guidance, expertise, and information to assist clients in making informed decisions. Our advice is based on the information available to us at the time and our professional judgment.


2. Independent Verification:

While we make every commercially reasonable effort to validate the accuracy of information provided by house owners and to verify the properties advertised by us, it is essential to understand that we do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or truthfulness of such information. Clients are strongly encouraged to conduct their own independent research and due diligence to confirm the accuracy of any information provided to them.


3. Non-Indemnification for Misrepresentations:

Ramos Real Estate does not indemnify or accept liability for any misrepresentations made by house owners regarding their properties. It is the responsibility of the house owners to provide accurate and truthful information about their properties. Clients are advised to rely on their own judgment and seek legal counsel, if necessary, to ensure the accuracy of the information provided by house owners.


4. Client’s Independent Search/Research:

Clients are expected to conduct independent searches and research to assess the suitability, condition, and legal aspects of the properties they are considering to acquire or rent. While we may provide resources,
information, and contacts to assist clients in their research, it remains the client’s responsibility to ensure that they have thoroughly evaluated the properties and are satisfied with their findings.


5. Reserving Legal Action:

In the event that a client bypasses Ramos Real Estate and directly engages with a house owner to close on a property that was originally shown to them by us, we reserve the right to pursue legal action to protect our interests. It is essential for clients to maintain an open and honest relationship with us throughout the transaction process.

Please note that this policy is intended to outline the general principles and expectations governing our brokerage services at Ramos Real Estate. It is not exhaustive and does not constitute a legally binding contract. We recommend that clients review and understand this policy before engaging our services and seek clarification on any aspects they may require further information on.

At Ramos Real Estate, we are committed to serving our clients with integrity and professionalism. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to this policy as we work together in achieving your real estate goals.




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